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Systems and Methods for Identifying Explosives

F Patolsky, R Shacham, A Lichtenstein


Functionalized nanostructures for detecting nitro-containing compounds


Nanosensors and related technologies

CM Lieber, Y Fang, F Patolsky


Novel Silicon Nanowires-Based 3D Anodes for High-Capacity Lithium Ion Batteries

Emanuel Peled, Fernando Patolsky, Diana Golodnitsky, Kathrin Freedman, Guy Davidi and Dan Schneier


Tissue-like Silicon Nanowires-Based Three-Dimensional Anodes for High-Capacity Lithium Ion Batteries

Emanuel Peled *†, Fernando Patolsky *†, Diana Golodnitsky †‡, Kathrin Freedman †, Guy Davidi †, and Dan Schneier †


Monolithic Integration of a Silicon Nanowire Field-Effect Transistors Array on a Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Chip for Biochemical Sensor Applications

Paolo Livi,* ,†,∥ Moria Kwiat, ‡ Amir Shadmani, † Alexander Pevzner, ‡ Giulio Navarra, § Jörg Rothe, †,⊥ Alexander Stettler, † Yihui Chen, † Fernando Patolsky, ‡ and Andreas Hierlemann †


Cavity-Assisted Manipulation of Freely Rotating Silicon Nanorods in High Vacuum

Stefan Kuhn, † Peter Asenbaum, † Alon Kosloff, ‡ Michele Sclafani, †,∥ Benjamin A. Stickler, § Stefan Nimmrichter, § Klaus Hornberger, § Ori Cheshnovsky, ‡ Fernando Patolsky, ‡ and Markus Arndt* ,†


Manipulating and Monitoring On-Surface Biological Reactions by Light-Triggered Local pH Alterations

Hagit Peretz-Soroka, † Alexander Pevzner, † Guy Davidi, † Vladimir Naddaka, † Moria Kwiat, † Dan Huppert, † and Fernando Patolsky* ,†,‡,§


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