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Cancer Diagnosis by Metabolic Activity

Cancer Diagnosis by Monitoring and Analyzing the Metabolic Activity Profiles of Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells

Our research explores the metabolic activity of the immune system as a potential diagnostic tool for cancer detection and staging. ‘ImmunoMetaboDiagnostics’, a high-throughput, simple blood test of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (hPBMCs) was pioneered by our group, and is currently under clinical investigation. A wide spectrum of metabolic activity (MA) rate profiles, in response to increasing concentrations of various nutrients and stimulants, is obtained simultaneously during 1 hour in physiological conditions. The MA measurements are recorded by real-time monitoring of extracellular media acidification.

Effective explorative analysis of the high throughput MA test requires data mining tools, which are implemented for comparative examination of the many accumulating wide-spectrum MA records.

In the near future, we wish to expand the clinical research plan in validation studies focused on the application of our proposed ImmunoMetaboDiagnostic approach in the diagnosis of blood cancers, auto-immune diseases and infectious diseases, as well as for follow-up of disease treatment and immunotherapy-guiding tool.

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