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Fuel Cells

Our fuel cells are durable and simple in design, eliminating the need for many ancillary and management systems – further decreasing the maintenance operation expenses.

Key Features:

  • Low cost catalysts – orders of magnitude cheaper than those used currently, lower capital expenditure.

  • Durable – Nanergy catalysts do not suffer from poisoning or corrosion over long periods of time, increasing the useful lifetime of the system

  • Low maintenance – simple and robust design with less peripheral systems, less moving parts

  • Wide range of temperature operation –
    Instant power-up – no warming up required.

  • High current and power density

  • Safe, easy-to-use fuels

The Fuel Cells operate with a family of hydrogen-rich water-based fuel materials, providing the basis for low-cost and efficient operation of fuel cells and avoiding the logistics and safety issues of high pressure hydrogen tanks. Unlike other hydrogen substitutes, Our technology ommits the need to release the hydrogen from the fuel prior to the generation of electricity. The electrodes interact directly with the liquid fuel – hence there is no need for reformers, nor heating for its operation. Fuel Cells take advantage of the high energy/volume properties of the hydrogen rich materials, while saving on the cost and complexity of adding a reformer to its process.

Hydrazine/air fuel cell

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